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What is the offer about?

Rhythm & Wave will like to encourage friends to take up keyboard lessons together by offering 1-for-1 keyboard lessons for 8 weeks. Therefore, instead of the usual rate of $120 per 4 lessons each, it will be essentially $120 per 4 lessons in total for the two friends, and in other words, only $60 each for 4 keyboard lessons!


What will I be learning over the 8 lessons?

Participants will be going through a fast-tracked basic course where one will be able to grasp the fundamental of keyboard-playing such as coordination between left and right hand as well as simple chords, rhythms and melodies. The ultimate aim is for each participant to be able to play a pop song of his or her choice at the end of the 8 weeks.



Is it possible for one to play a song in 8 weeks without any music background?

Of course! This course will be perfect for you as we will start the class right from zero and bring you through the basics and important techniques necessary for you to play your favourite song! Upon completion, participants should be able to interpret and execute pieces with fluency and accuracy through music charts.



Can I continue to have classes after the 8 weeks fast-tracked course?

We will love to encourage all participants to continue learning keyboard after the 8 weeks so that one can not just play his or her favourite song, but also develop better technical control and understanding which will ultimately allow one to play any song by ear confidently. A general indication of the topics covered at the later stages is available here.





Can I redeem the offer on my own?

Do let us know if you are unable to find someone to share the offer with you. We will be able to pair you up with another person or group so both parties will be able to enjoy the promotion.





How will the arrangement be like?

We have class openings Saturday to Thursday, 12 pm to 8 pm, and each class will only accommodate 2 to 4 students. We will request for a few possible timeslots from you and your friend e.g. every Wednesday at 7.30 pm and will commence lesson as soon as we find a match between the students and the teacher's availabilities.


If you are unable to make it for a lesson, please let us know at least 1 week in advance so that we can try to arrange for you to join another class for 1 lesson as make-up. Please understand that we are unable to entertain last minute cancellation requests.







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