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How does it work?

All participating students will be required to RSVP and submit a song of their choice to by 6 July 2014, and whether you require an instrumentalist (if you are a vocal student) or a vocalist (if you are a keyboard or guitar student). The list of songs will be consolidated to minimise duplication.


Should you not require any instrumentalist or vocalist i.e. singing and playing on your own, you can proceed to practise your chosen song on your own or with your instructor during lesson. If you have indicated the need for an instrumentalist or vocalist, our admin personnel will proceed to look for an experienced keyboard, guitar or vocal student to play/sing the song of your choice.


For instance, Annie is a keyboard student who decided to perform <SONG> for student showcase. Since Annie is unable to sing-and-play, she sought for a vocalist, and Benny was assigned to team up with her. During the month of preparation, Annie and Benny will learn <SONG> individually and when both are ready, they will need to arrange a time to go through the song together, either on their own or at Rhythm & Wave. Do note that room bookings will need to be made for these practice sessions.


Please also be informed that as the operator is extending the use of their venue to us in kind, we encourage and will highly appreciate it if all attendees could dine at Full House Signature on that particular day. Exclusive set lunches ($15 nett) consisting of a main course, soup and drink will be made available on top of regular ala carte items.

What is a Student Showcase?

The student showcase is a bi-annual event specially organised by Rhythm & Wave with the objective of allowing all students to gain the necessary exposure, build self-confidence and enhance learning experience. It also serves as a platform for students to demonstrate what they have learnt over the six-month period, how much they have improved and identify on their own what are the things they want to improve on before the next showcase. We believe that this advocates interactive learning, as well as encourages students to set and focus on their personal goals.


The student showcase is also a great opportunity for all members of the Rhythm & Wave family to come together and interact with each other.

Is it compulsory to attend the Student Showcase?

In order to promote effective learning and attain performance exposure, we would strongly encourage all students to take part in the showcase regardless of your progress. This is afterall, a showcase for all students.


As much as we would love to have you there, should you feel that you are not ready to perform for your friends and would really prefer to give this session a miss, you are welcomed to participate in the next showcase six months later instead when you are more prepared. Nonetheless, if you happen to be free on that particular day or would like to support your classmates, please do join us.


Can I bring my family/friends along for support?


Of course! We would love to have your friends join us in this special event and cheering you and your classmates on! The more the merrier. On the other hand, as mentioned above, we encourage and will highly appreciate it if all attendees could dine at Full House Signature on that particular day.





I'm on! What are some of the other things I will need to take note of?

Do note that photos will be taken during the event and for use on social media such as Facebook. All performances will also be recorded and made available to the students for keepsake, and also so that you will be able to review after the showcase and discuss with your instructor on your performance. Please note that these videos may also be used to pitch for other students performances and events.






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